Preditors and Editors Reader’s Choice Awards 2014

The annual Preditors and Editors Reader’s Choice Awards are now open for nominations and voting! Trust me JEA will be all over this poll. This is a reader’s choice which means if you find your book on there spam the world and ask fans to vote. Voting is confusing:

  1. Click the box (circle) next to the name or write in an entry
  2. It will ask for full name and email.
  3. Keep scrolling, they will show you a book thumb nail. They want you to enter in the Author of that book. If you can’t see it, click the tiny print “refresh” until you get one you can read.
  4. Submit
  5. They will send you an email. Open it. Click the link that says confirm vote.
    This is all to keep the poll honest and avoid ballot stuffing.

I am nominated under Horror Novel, Horror Short Story, Anthologies (Rejected for Content & Floppy Shoes Apocalypse), Book Cover (Rejected for Content), Author, Artist, and Book Editor.

Make sure to vote for J. Ellington Ashton under Publisher.

While I am not telling you to vote for me, it would be nice to have P&E award or two on my resume.

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