Rejected For Content 1: Splattergore

Rejected For Content 1: Splattergore

Rejected For Content: Splattergore (Volume 1)

The most hard-core, profane, gory, explicit short stories available. each carries a message and some of those messages are unpleasant and terrifying. Rejected For Content is a collection of stories that other presses refused because of their shocking content, but each is a solid, well written piece that deserves a home. Demons, Evil people, sea monsters,the unknown: there is something here to offend the most hardened reader. Featuring: Essel Scott Pratt, Alex S Johnson, Mathias Jansson, Dr. Reverend Lance Carbuncle,Toneye Eyenot, Lisa Dabrowski, Mark Woods, Jeremy Maddux, Amanda Lyons, Kerry G.S Lipp Matthew Arkham, Jason Hughes, Christopher Ropes, Susan Simone, Michael Fisher, Jim Goforth, Todd Misura, Stuart Keane, Dona Fox, (Editor’s Choice) Kevin J MacLeod

Warning: Explicit sex, Gore, Violence, Depravity. Over 21 please.

Story contributed: Out of Darkness Comes Life

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