Monthly Archives: February 2017

I am finishing a long Saturday off with a Ball mason jar with an ice ball and #SouthernComfort to pair with the similar setup @azxure has with #blackbush. It’s mostly gone by now tho.

@abrenster just thought you should know that @unicorndncr left her #pussyhat lying around tonight rather than wearing it to bed so I told @azxure that maybe it was my turn to steal it. I can be a feminist too.

There are five cinematic romances that compare to @azxure and mine. Mickey and Mallory Knox (You know, the only thing that kills the demon… is love.), Jessica and Roger Rabbit (He makes me laugh.), Clarence and Alabama Worley (I mean, she… she a four alarm fire or what?), Gomez and Mortician Addams (I would die

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Today’s #thrashmetalcardio was not a good one. I couldn’t stop yawning so I couldn’t keep a regular breathing rhythm plus my right calf started cramping about 3/4 mile in so I called it at three miles. Three miles is better than zero miles. #thrashmetal #heavymetalworkout #nomorefattattooer #nomorefatwriter #shakeshowershenanigans Feels more like #shakeshowershnoooooze

Searing some thick steaks on the camp stove so I don’t smoke up the house. #bigmeat #smarterthanilook

Today’s #thrashmetalcardio is brought to you by the letters S and N for Slayer & Sepultura and Nu-Metal (DevilDriver, Machinehead, Slipknot). Pretty thrashy all around. #thrashmetal #heavymetalworkout #nomorefattattooer #nomorefatwriter