Monthly Archives: March 2016

So the Table of Contents is complete for Within Stranger Aeons. It is almost ready to go to the next phase of the progress. from Instagram:

So our house just got a bit noisier. A bass for one son to go with the other son’s guitar. Now the youngest wants drums. We are working on a family band apparently. @blyhard_ @unicorndncr @mal3055 from Instagram:

So our non-sports inclined son just taught @azxure how to properly throw a football. #yaysportsball @blyhard_ from Instagram:

Happy 16th anniversary to @azxure. Our love will outshine our idols. from Instagram:

Black Leather Times is a punk humor zine, forged in the desktop publishing zine revolution. For everyone who has spent time in dark smoky nightclubs, science fiction cons, or grouphouses. This omnibus collects every issue of BLT published so far. “…impressively intricate (and twisted) pen-and-ink illustrations along with its grab bag of essays, stories and

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My little tale of Lovecraftian horror set in South Florida is in the FvM volume. While I did not win to my female competitor, Sharon Higa won fair and square. Maybe check it out. Both FvM and its companion MvF are in the Top 10 horror anthologies on Amazon currently! #EpicFishTales #lovecraftian #jellingtonashtonpress #JEA

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