TrollKind: Under the Bridge

January 17, 2016 0

The troll has long been with us, a beast that dwelled under the bridges and in the dark hollows of our world. Often cruel, misshapen, and always hungry it came and went on its own […]

Doorway to Death

September 26, 2015 0

The doorway stands beyond man, at the end of a long hallway filled with sights beyond reason. It is a place where the universe begins and ends, where we begin and end, and deep down […]

Urban Legends: Emergence of Fear

July 7, 2015 0

From the twisted minds of: Michael Fisher, Amanda M. Lyons, T.S. Woolard, R.T. Sirk, Essel Pratt, Dona Fox, David Maxson, Ken Goldman, Nick Hatfield, Sharon L. Higa, Deb Hoag, Richard D. Ramsey, William Bove, and […]